Tool Accessories - Ultra 6.4mm 12 Piece Router Bit Set

$99.00 FJD $119.00 FJD

  • 6.4mm shaft will suit all routers
  • Economically priced router bits in a handy storage box
  • Tungsten Carbide tipped for durability
The Ultra series of router bits are manufactured from high-quality tungsten carbide for longevity, strength and accuracy.

The Ultra 12 Piece Router Bit Set is suitable for cutting hardwood, softwood, MDF and chipboard. It contains the most popular bit shapes and sizes including:

Straight cutters: 6, 12 and 16mm.
Rounding over bits: 6 and 10mm.
Chamfer bit: 45-degree x 15mm long.
Cove bit: 5mm radius.
Roman ogee: 3mm radius.
Core box bit: 13mm diameter.
Dovetail bit: 13mm diameter.
'V' groove bit: 13mm diameter.
Trimmer bit: 13mm diameter.