We will not:

  • Ask for payment information over the phone or via any link on email or SMS (Credit Card details)
  • Ask you to provide personal information such as date of birth over the phone or via any link on email or SMS

We will:

  • Sometimes call to verify an online order and that may involve confirming a small sample of numbers from your payment method — never the full details. (Credit Card Details)

Be wary:

  • Scams can be sophisticated and websites, emails and social media can look genuine.
  • Email addresses can sometimes even look legitimate when they’re not. This is called ‘spoofing’.
  • Be wary of offers that appear too good to be true – they probably are!
  • If in doubt, don’t open attachments, don’t click on links and definitely don’t give away your information.


Businesses like I Supply Solutions and other retailers unfortunately are frequently impersonated by scammers. This is because we often run promotions and so communications from us can seem quite plausible.
If you receive an email and it doesn't look like an email you'd usually receive from I Supply Solutions , doesn't come from a I Supply Solutions email address (but remember those ‘spoofers’), has a .zip file attachment, there is any mention of an international address, or you are in any way suspicious, then this is likely a scam.

Please be cautious about any email that offers free shopping at I Supply Solutions.

To stay safe we recommend manually typing ‘isupplyfiji’ into your browser’s address bar every time you visit our website.

Facebook and Social Media

All of our Facebook competitions are featured on our verified Facebook and Instagram pages. Look for the Blue tick against the profile name. If you are in any doubt, do not enter your details.

Text messages

We do not send TXT/SMS messages asking for any kind of information. If you have placed an online order, and requested us to when you checked out, we will send notifications when your order is ready to collect or shipped. We will never ask for information from you.


We do run surveys via email, but we will never ask for personal information or payment details

Wondering who to talk to?

If you have provided your personal details and you are concerned, please contact your bank or financial institution immediately.

Department of Internal Affairs
Scam emails can also be reported to The Department of Internal Affairs Electronic Messaging Compliance Team at scam@reportspam.co.nz. Find out more at www.dia.govt.nz.

Please also report any scams impersonating I Supply Solutions to isupplysolutions@icloud.com