Fastenings - Outdoor Screws 4.0x30 - 1400 BOX (Incl 1x Torx Bit)

$120.00 FJD $135.00 FJD

  • 20 year exterior corrosion protection
  • Top threads securely clamp boards to joist
  • Self countersinking grooves ensure a clean, flush finish
  • Reduced diameter head fits within the grooves preventing damage to the profile
  • Razor sharp point gives an immediate, precise start

The Optimaxx high performance decking screws are designed to make securing your decking as easy and as reliable as possible.

With new technology to improve everything from the entry to the clamp, these screws are the perfect companion to your decking.

No more screw sticking out, the countersinking heads ensure a flush finish and the top threads give the screw extra clamping power.