Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP 600PSI EZClean Power Washer - Tool Only

$659.00 FJD $758.00 FJD

  • Bottle adapter and 6m siphon hose included
  • Delivers pressure at 600PSI
  • Comes with 6m Siphon Hose
  • 18V Brushless HP motor
Use the portable RYOBI 18V ONE+ HP EZClean Power Washer for a wide range of outdoor cleaning jobs. This Power Washer accepts water from any garden tap to wash windows, decks, pavers and outdoor furniture. This unit can also siphon water from a bucket, lake or other water source for washing your bike, boat, car or camping equipment away from home. Connect the bottle adapter to use a 2L water bottle as a portable water source.

This model utilisers an 18V Brushless motor to generate 600psi of pressure. Switch between turbo, 15° fan or shower/rinse mode using the 3-in-1 nozzle.

This Power Washer is part of RYOBI‘s ONE+ HP series of cleaning tools that utilise advanced technologies, like brushless motors that deliver higher performance, extended battery runtimes and longer motor life. These tools are designed to provide the best cleaning results with minimal effort. And yet they still only require ONE+ 18V batteries.


Model Name
Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP 600psi EZClean Power Washer R18XPWS10 Tool Only

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