Farming Rotary Hoe Tiller Cultivator 559mm 212cc 4-Stroke

$1,999.00 FJD $2,299.00 FJD

The Champion Power Equipment 559mm Front Tine Tiller combines power and performance perfectly, taking you from barren ground to a great garden in no time. Once you prepare your garden with our efficient tiller, you'll wonder how you ever prepped your soil without it.

The 212cc engine powers the four 350mm heavy-duty hardened steel tines as they transform tough ground into perfectly prepared garden soil. The variable 406 to 559mm tilling width and up to 200mm tilling depth make this capable tiller the perfect match for a gardener who wants to go from tilling to planting as quickly as possible. Champion's dual rotation makes it easy to till any type of soil. In addition, the extra width means fewer passes are needed to prepare your soil so you can quickly move on to other tasks.

Champion's compact and efficient design includes convenient handle controls and an easy-adjust depth gauge which runs behind the tiller, allowing you work at a consistent depth and providing additional balance in different working conditions.

The 200mm storable transport wheels allow you to transport your tiller across driveways and sidewalks with ease, plus they increase balance and maneuverability in loose soil. Getting to the garden and then taming it has never been easier. Our front tine tiller is perfect for turning soil, mixing in compost, loosening soil to help water reach plant roots or weeding between rows.

Its easy maneuverability, efficiency, and deep digging capabilities along with its compact design will have you wondering how you ever planted a garden without it. Designed with a low oil shut-off sensor, this unit holds 0.9 gallons of gasoline and has a 16.9 fl. oz. oil capacity (recommended 10W-30)

A variable 406 to 559mm tilling width and up to an 200mm tilling depth make this tiller ideal for preparing large flower beds and vegetable gardens, and weeding between rows
200mm storable transport wheels make it easy to transport your tiller from storage to your garden and back, plus they increase balance and maneuverability in loose soil
Four 350mm heavy-duty hardened steel tines with dual rotation make it easy to till narrow spaces or wide rows
The 212cc engine provides the power to transform the toughest ground into perfect planting soil.


Engine:  212cc, 4 stroke, recoil start
Tilling Width - 406 - 559mm
Tilling Depth - 200mm
Tines - 4 x 350mm, Hardened, Dual Rotation
Low Oil Sensor - Yes
Wheels - 200mm, Solid