Construction - Westmix 65L 1/2 HP Cement Concrete Mixer

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Construction - Westmix 65L 1/2 HP Cement Concrete Mixer is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • ½ HP, 1440 rpm electric induction motor
  • Leak-free seam-welded powder coated steel bowl with 6 heavy duty paddles
  • Maintenance free totally sealed high speed precision bearing drive unit
  • Protective steel covers for pulley and motor
  • 14” wheels with steel rims for easy manoeuvring
This Westmix cement mixer has a 2.2 cubic foot, 65 litre capacity steel bowl. This single belt driven electric cement mixer with 14” pneumatic wheels has an adjustable motor mount for belt tensioning and a heavy duty tubular powder coated steel frame.

Maintenance Instructions:
Always start the motor before loading the mixer. To gain access to the motor ensure the motor is switched off and remove cover.
The unit must be unearthed when operated with an electric motor. Avoid using more than one extension cord.

If an extension cord is to be used, it is recommended that a splash proof connector be used and kept well clear from any water.

Since extension leads will cause a voltage drop, it is essential that the conductors in the lead conform to the following specifications: 1-25m long - conductor diameter = 1.5mm 25-50m long - conductor diameter = 2.5mm If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician. Always keep the electric motor free from water and moisture. Do not attempt any electrical repairs yourself.

BELT TENSION Check belt tension every 20 hours of running time. To adjust the belt tension, loosen the bolts on the motor mount clamp and allow the motor to lower. Tighten bolts when tension is correct. The belt has the correct tension when it gives a lively resound when drawn aside and released, whilst a slack belt feels lifeless. If the tension is too low, slipping may occur causing wear and tear to the belt and pulley. If the belt is too tight, it may cause excessive wear to the bearings. Do not attempt to adjust belt whilst the mixer is running.

LUBRICATION When purchasing this mixer, the arm section should already be filled with grease. Westmix uses Valvoline multi-lube lithium 2 ep grease or an equivalent. Regularly check and when required, apply grease through the grease nipples located in the arm section. Grease can be applied until it appears through the bearings or overflows through the nipples. When applying grease to the pinion/shaft area, loosen the bolts on the mixer arm mount to maximise grease coverage. Tighten bolts once the reservoir is full.

1. Always keep safety guards in place and in working order.
2. Never attempt any servicing whilst mixer is operating.
3. Do not overload mixer. This can affect its performance and make it unstable.
4. Never use in a dangerous environment. Do not expose to rain or damp conditions. Use in well lit area and away from explosive liquids and gases.
5. Keep children and visitors away from the mixer whilst in operation.
6. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry, and ensure long hair is tied back. Wear appropriate hearing protection.
7. Never leave the mixer running whilst unattended.
8. Always keep work area clear and free from clutter.
9. Always use mixer in a well ventilated area.
10. Keep hands well clear of the bowl whilst in operation.
11. Always check for damaged parts before operation.
12. Never operate mixer whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.