Pool Swimming Pool Pump 33,600L/H

$843.00 FJD $969.00 FJD

This 1500W swimming pool pump represents one of our most advanced models yet produces a prodigious flow rate of 33,600L/hour (560L/min).

the Professional 1500W is designed and built to last. Using corrosion-resistant marine grade aluminum alloy to protect the motor housing and chemical-resistant thermoplastic to constitute the filter and cartridge tank bodies, the Professional 1500W is both tough and durable.

Additionally, coupled with its ability to cycle through and clean the average-sized swimming pool in less than 3 hours, the Professional 1500W is also extremely efficient and hard-working.

With its inbuilt filtration basked designed to capture and prevent fine debris from entering the pump, the Professional 1500W will keep your swimming pool waters clean and clear for many endless summers to come.

*Corrosion-resistant marine grade aluminum alloy motor housing
*Chemical-resistant thermoplastic filter cartridge tank body
*Tough durable construction for longer-lasting life
*Removable lint and hair trap/ filter with an easy see-thru twist on cover
*Built-in thermal protection
*Excellent flow rate
*Suitable for salt, chlorine, in-ground and above-ground pools

*Self Priming

*Power: 1500W/2HP
*Max Flow: 33600L/hour or 560L/min
*Dimension: 57x18x34 cm (LxWxH)
*Max. Head: 19m
*IP55 Rating
*Inlet/ Outlet Fittings (included) inside 48mm /outside 55mm