Pool Solar Swimming Pool Cover

$881.00 FJD $1,013.00 FJD

A quality solar pool cover at a reduced budget to start your saving on the cost of maintenance and have your pool warm and ready-to-use.

This solar pool cover is made from premium LDPE 600 micron and isothermal design is extremely durable and can efficiently and effectively distribute the heat to the water. Incorporating an innovative split blue and sliver isothermal design, the solar pool cover is able to let heat pass through via the translucent blue rippled surface during the day.

At the same time, the silver underside acts to traps the heat to keep the pool warmer longer. In addition to cutting down evaporation water loss, it also helps to keep pool exceptionally clean all year with the cover denying any debris access to the water, reducing maintenance time and cost for filtration and pumping.

Maintaining your swimming pool will no longer be expensive. Get the best for natural resources and save money on chemicals and water!

Genuine 600-micron w/thick bubble surface
Blue top with silver underside design
Highly durable quality; UV & chemical resistant
Efficient heat distribution
Keeping the pool clean
Reducing water evaporation
Reduced water and chemical evaporation
Low maintenance
Color: Blue & sliver
Overall dimensions: 7mx4m (can be cut to any custom size)