Personal/Wellness Blood Pressure LCD Monitor Wrist Type

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Typical Blood Pressure monitors are big, bulky, and nearly impossible to use without assistance. With our blood pressure, you just use the Velcro straps to easily secure monitor to your wrist and push the switching button. In less than one minute you‘ll have systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and your pulse rate. The Blood Pressure Monitor display is large and easy to read. In the use of this device, please read the details of this statement in order to correct the measured Value.


* Intelligent automatic compression and decompression
* Measure systolic, diastolic and pulse at the same time
* Easy to operate, switching button to start measuring
* 60 store groups memory measurements
* Can read single or all measures
* 3 minutes automatic power saving device
* Intelligent device debugging ,automatic power to detect
* Local tests for: Wrist circumference as 135-195mm
* Large-scale digital liquid crystal display screen


* Display Mode: LCD screen
* Blood Pressure Monitor Varacity :
---Blood pressure: Record within 3mmHg or below 3% error
---Pulse:Record below 5% error
* Memory :Can store 60 groups of value and time
* Pressure increasing : Automatical
* Blood Pressure Monitor Exhaust : Automatical
* Pressure sensitivity: Semiconductor pressure sensor
* Powered by 2 x 1.5V AAA battery ( NOT included )
* Measurement intervals :1 mmHg
* Local tests for : wrist circumference as 135-195 mm
* Size :70*72*23mm
* Weight :105g


1 x Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Beat Meter
1 x Carry Case
1 x English Manual