Paint Wagner Control Pro 150 (HEA) Airless Paint Sprayer

$1,299.00 FJD $1,608.00 FJD


Colour Yellow
Model Name Wagner Control Pro 150 Airless Sprayer
Model Number 2394314
Material High Grade Polypropylene & Metal
Wattage (W) 350
Interior Use (Yes/No) Yes
Exterior Use (Yes/No) Yes
Operating Pressure (PSI) 1600
Flow Rate (L/Min) 9
Pressure Relief Valve (Yes/No) Yes
Reservoir Capacity (ml) 5500
Hose Length (m) 7500
  • Maximum control: slightly feathered edge allows for a better finish when overlapping spray patterns
  • Less overspray: HEA technology reduced pressure providing a softer and more controllable spray, resulting in up to 55% less overspray, providing efficient usage of paint with less paint wasted when spraying
  • Comes complete with a 5.5 litre paint hopper, 7.5m hose, lightweight gun, 1 x HEA spray tip with flat spray pattern and 1 x gun filter. Hopper lid includes built-in gun and tip storage
  • Less fatigue: reduced pressure in the system results in less bounce back of the gun and lower trigger pull force
  • Gravity fed from top mounted hopper for clean and convenient working
Wagner’s Control Pro 150 is a convenient and compact hopper-style sprayer, equipped with High Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology, which is an innovative technology that allows users to spray with the highest control and performance under reduced system pressure. The ultimate house painting tool which is simple to operate and clean. Simply pour and paint.

Ideal for those larger-sized projects around the house, including interior and exterior walls, weatherboards, wooden fences, garage doors, window shutters, lattice work, pergolas, cane furniture and much more. The Control Pro range of pumps will spray both water based and solvent based materials. Whether painting a fence or an entire house, Control Pro sprayers provide simplified operation and clean up, with the technology to provide years of trouble free operation.