Ozito 2400W Silent Garden Shredder

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Ozito 2400W Silent Garden Shredder is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • 2400W Induction motor provides quiet operation, powerful shredding action and great durability
  • 40mm cutting capacity shreds branches, foliage and plant waste
  • Debris collection bag collects all of your material for easy disposal or composting straight to your garden
  • Self feeding roller system increases operator safety and ease of operation
  • 10:1 mulching ratio breaks waste into small pieces which helps accelerate the composting process and provides nutritional value to plants and garden beds
The Ozito SSH-2440 silent shredder is ideal for shredding garden material, including dry plant waste, twigs, sticks, and branches up to 40mm thick.

The shredder quietly breaks your waste into small pieces, which helps accelerate the composting process. The shredded material can be recycled, used for composting purposes, or spread over garden beds to provide nutritional value to your plants.

Its long-lasting cutter head powerfully draws in material for hassle-free operation and quick breakdown while collecting the shredded material in its debris bag for easy disposal.

This product is intended for DIY use only.


Red, Black, Grey, Silver
Model Name
Electric Silent Shredder
Model Number
Metal / Plastic