Ozito 185mm Circular Saw

$189.00 FJD $217.00 FJD

  • Powerful 1300W motor
  • 0-45 Degree bevel cut
  • 65mm Maximum depth of cut
  • Lock off switch
  • 3-Year replacement warranty

The Ozito 185mm (7 1/4") Circular Saw offers a powerful 1300W motor, which is great for a wide range of cutting and applications. It features an adjustable 65mm depth of cut to reduce unnecessary drag on the blade and increase the life of your tool, a 0-45 degree adjustable bevel cut allowing the blade to perform all types of cuts, spindle lock for quick and easy blade changes and a dust ejection chute.

The Ozito 185mm Circular Saw boasts functionality, power and safety features to ensure you get the best performance, including an ergonomic sure-grip1 handle for comfortable handling which reduces fatigue, front assist handle that permits two-handed operations and a lock off switch to prevent accidental start-up.