Ozito Mini Bench Disc Sander 125mm 140W

$159.00 FJD $163.00 FJD

  • Shape Timber, Plastic & Soft Metals
  • Adjustable Table & Mitre Fence
  • 6 Speed Settings
  • Dust Extraction Adaptor Included
  • Hook & Loop Sandpaper Fitment
This Mini Bench Disc Sander is perfect for small, precision sanding tasks in your next D.I.Y. project. With 6 adjustable speed settings, use this to shape balsa wood, contour edges and square up faces on blocks of wood, plastic or soft metals.

Work on a range of bevel and mitre edges with the adjustable tilt table and sliding mitre fence. With 2 mounting positions, the sander can be clamped horizontally or vertically to best suit your workpiece orientation.
Connect a vacuum to the dust extraction port to keep your work area clean and change sanding sheets quickly with the hook & loop paper fitment.