Welding Ozito 100A Gasless Inverter MIG Welder Kit

$559.00 FJD $599.99 FJD

  • IGBT Inverter Technology
  • Adjustable Welding Range
  • Adjustable Wire Speed
  • Thermal Overload Protection
This Gasless Inverter MIG Welder is perfect for creating clean welds on thick or thin materials. IGBT inverter technology eliminates power fluctuations and provides a stable output current. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications such as trailers, gates, steel sections, car panels and general fabrication.

Flux-cored (gasless) wire protects the welds without the need for additional gases. The carrying strap and absence of a gas cylinder allows you to easily move the welder around your home or garage.

Get started right out of the box with the included 0.2kg welding wire spool, hand-held welding mask and wire brush / chipping hammer.


Model Name: 100A Gasless Inverter MIG Welder Kit
Model Number: IMW-100
Duty Cycle: Yes
Minimum Wire Thickness (mm): 0.8
Stick Welder: No
Sample Flux Wire Included: Yes
Welding Current (Amps): 100
Work Clamp Included: Yes
Tig Welder: No
Uses Argon/Carbon Dioxide Mixed Gas (Yes/No): No
Contact Tips Included: Yes
Maximum Wire Thickness (mm): 0.9
Input AC Voltage: 240
Sample MIG Wire Included: Yes
Helmet Included: Yes