Tech Waterproof Housing Protective Case Cover for Gopro Hero 5

$42.00 FJD $48.00 FJD

The Waterproof Housing Case is designed for GoPro Hero 5 outdoor sports camera. With it you can perfectly use the camera under water. High transparent material can keep a good photo shooting.

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* Strong structure, protect your camera effectively
* Easy to Install and Remove
* Transparent plastic let you capture vivid images underwater and daily time
* Waterproof up to 45M, you can take your camera into the water within this limit

* Condition: Brand new
* Material: PC + Stalinite
* Underwater Depth: 45M
* Package dimension: 80x46x85mm (Approx.)
* Weight: 106g

1 x Waterproof Housing
2 x Screw
1 x Base Holder