Beekeeping Outdoor Mosquito Bees Bugs Mesh Netting Hat

$37.00 FJD $43.00 FJD

This mosquito head net is an essential kit for beekeeping, also good for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing etc. A wide round sturdy brim, durable mesh netting all around your neck, face and back to protect you from mosquito, bees, bugs, gnats and all sorts of flying insects.


* Features a comfortable fit over most headgear
* Can be folded for easy storage and convenient carrying
* One cord inside adjustable to tighten the hat on your head
* Mesh design keeps you breathable and cool when wearing it
* Two straps with metal clasps can be tied round your arms to fix the hat


* Condition: New
* Material: Nylon & Mesh
* Colour: As picture shown
* Diameter: Approx. 20cm


1 x Head Face Mesh Net