Office Magnetic Whiteboard 40x60cm

$47.00 FJD $54.00 FJD

This practical and sleek magnetic dry erase board with an aluminum frame and safe plastic corners is designed to improve your work space.

It provides a bright, smooth and easy to clean writing surface. This board offers you with a variety of options to stay organized. You can write and post notes create charts, and pictures on the magnetic dry erase surface with the use of all dry erase markers.

Two adjustable wall hooks attached for you to place it wherever you want, this whiteboard is perfect for meetings, demonstrations or teaching for businesses, schools and offices.


* Smooth & durable magnetic writing surface
* Aluminium frame with plastic corner accents
* No ghosting and erasable
* 2 x adjustable wall hook
* Essential for office or home use


* Condition: Brand new
* Frame Material: Aluminum
* Colour: White
* Dimension: Approx. 40 x 60cm
* Thickness: Approx. 2cm


1 x Magnetic White Board 40x60cm


1. Do NOT included whiteboard eraser, whiteboard marker and magnetic buttons.
2. This product comes with a plastic film over the whiteboard. Please peel off the plastic before use.
3. Don’t erase what you’ve written until almost 10 seconds later. Otherwise, it would not be erased clean enough.