Kitchen Mixmaster Combo Mixer Pro by Sunbeam - (Hand & Stand Mixer in One)

$227.00 FJD $261.00 FJD

A hand and stand mixer in one! Offers maximum mixing flexibility for any mixing task - large or small.


  • 2 Mixers in 1 - The stand mixer transforms into a convenient hand mixer, as the head of the mixer simply detaches from the mixing stand for tasks big and small.
  • Swivel Head Control - Swivel head control means the mixer head moves side to side in the bowl during mixing - no more scraping the bowl.
  • Power and Performance - 3.8L stainless steel mixing bowl included with stainless steel beaters, whisks and dough hooks.

  • Stainless Steel Bowl - 3.8L capacity bowl that rotates whilst mixing and can be used to store attachments when not in use.
  • Attachments: SS Mixing Bowl, V-Groove Beaters, Balloon Whisks, Dough Hooks
  • Size:
    250 x 280 x 330mm.