Marine A-Salt Attack Multi-Function Engine Flush Mixer Unit

$105.00 FJD $121.00 FJD

The Salt Attack Multi-Function Engine Flush Mixer Unit is designed for ease of use with a new throttle type control valve to switch from off to rinse to Salt Attack, and will handle most water pressures.

The receptacle holds 100ml and has been tested to withstand water pressure up to 120 psi. The Auto-Mix unit attaches easily to the muffs or engine port. It takes just 30 seconds to flush your engine. This will remove salt from your engine and prevent rusting and corroding from salt.

How to flush engine
Put 40-60ml (min 1/2-3/4 cup) Salt-Away concentrate in cup for up to 90hp motor and for 90-300hp use 80ml (full cup) to flush your engine, wash boat, trailer, fishing and diving gear.

Salt Attack Multi-Function Engine Flush Mixer Unit Features:

  • Required for outboard and jetski engine flushes, and most inboard flushes
  • Ideal for outboard flushing with optional Deluxe Muffs and wash down by adding the optional spray gun
  • 3-position valve: Off, Rinse, Salt Attack
  • O-ring sealed receptacle to prevent leakage
  • Receptacle holds 100 ml of Salt-Away solution and withstands pressure of up to 120psi
  • Compatible with Salt-Away and most hose fittings
  • Comes with international quick fit hose connectors to connect mixer to hose and motor flushers/engine