Marine Neoprene Safety Life Vest XL Black

$133.00 FJD $153.00 FJD

Marine Neoprene Safety Life Vest XL Black is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Ideal for Kayaking, Boating, and Swimming

Closure Type: Snap
User: Adults 75-100kg
Dimensions: 63cm Length x 50cm width x 7.5cm Thickness


Buoyancy: Look For A Life Jacket With Sufficient Buoyancy To Keep You Afloat In The Water.
A Large Buoyancy Life Jacket Will Be Able To Support More Weight And Keep You Afloat For A Longer Period Of Time.
Waterproof: Make Sure The Life Jacket Is Waterproof To Keep You Dry And Comfortable While In The Water.
This Will Also Help Prevent The Life Jacket From Becoming Waterlogged And Heavy, Which Can Make It Difficult To Swim Or Move Around In The Water.

This Life Jacket Is Available In Five Sizes. Both Adults And Children Can Choose.