Marine 12v 2000lb Boat Winch

$369.00 FJD $424.00 FJD

Marine 12v 2000lb Boat Winch is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Huge-Lift 12v 2000lb Boat Winch is an impressive and powerful tool, capable of effectively reeling in your boat with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency at a speed of 1.8 metres per minute.

This sturdy winch may also be a useful tool in other applications, such as light-duty recovery of vehicles, general use on the farm, launching and retrieving boats, and for a number of uses on a trailer.

Includes 12V power lead, water sealed plug circuit breaker and switch, trailer mount bracket emergency crank handle.


Warranty 12 months
Weight 11Kg
Rolling Capacity 6000lb
Pulling Capacity 2000lb
Max Boat Weight 2.5T
Max Boat Size 18 foot
Controller Cable Length 3M
Battery Cable Length 5M
Line Speed 1.8M/min
Cable Length 9.2M
Cable Diameter 4.8mm
Dimensions (LWH) 220 x 200 x 210mm