Logging 18in Chainsaw 45cc

$426.00 FJD $473.00 FJD

This 45cc Havik model is a must-have in any woodcutting-enthusiast's tool repertoire. Suitable for any domestic tasks you have to throw at it, this saw is also capable of wider application in commercial woodcutting endeavours.

A solid and reliable tool, simply put, if you have wood that needs cutting, this is the saw for you.

- Raw material for oil seals imported from Japan
- Tin plated piston surface to protect against cylinder wall friction increasing wear resistance by 50%
- Material for carburetor imported from Japan, excellent hardness and heat insulation
- Includes bar guard.


Warranty 6 months
Weight 6Kg
Engine Size 45cc
Engine Designation 2-Stroke
Maximum Power 1.8kw
Bar Size 18inches
Guide Bar Length 52cm
Cutting Length 43mm
Dry Weight 5.1Kg
Cylinder 43mm Closed Casting
Bar Havik 18in Laminated
Chain Havik 0.325in 0.058in Semi-Chisel
Fuel / Oil Ratio 40:1
Handle Rubber
Crankcase Magnesium Alloy
Bearing HCH
Air Filter Tough Nylon PA66 Double Screen
Muffler Fully Welded 1.5mm Stainless Steel
Sprocket Type Rim