Vehicles LDV eDeliver 3 Electric Van NEW (FOB AUCKLAND PORT)

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 SAIC are the leaders in the technical revolution, continually leading the way in the development of new technology and solutions for the automotive industry.

A part of that revolution is being the market leaders in battery technology, we have developed a number of battery options for the eDELIVER 3, by using various battery cooling methods, which allows us to reduce charging time (DC 45mins (5%-80%) AC 5hrs), extend battery life and increase the operating range.

The eDeliver 3 comes with a 90KW /255Nm motor, AC/DC charging options and a choice of 35Kw or 52.5Kw battery configurations.

eDeliver 3 Compact Efficiency

The width of the compartment is 1665mm.  The cargo area offers optimal ease of loading with the short wheelbase for the van of 4.8 cubic metres in cargo capacity.


At MAXUS, safety is paramount and the eDELIVER 3 meets all European commercial vehicle collision design standards.

Advanced driver assistance system as standard with the latest generation of ESP Electronic Stability Program and delivers comfort and peace of mind in any situation.

  • 7 Inch Touch Screen
  • Daytime Running Lamp
  • Driver and Passenger Airbag*
  • Driver-S/Belt Reminder
  • Eco Drive Mode Setting
  • ESC (ESP)
  • Hand Brake
  • Multifunction Steering Wheel
  • Visual Reversing Camera
  • Rear Proximity Sensor
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


Driver's Environment Comfort & Safety

 Stay cool at all times with the eDELIVER air conditioning system with our ever-changing climate, the importance of a good air conditioning system was always going to be a factor when it came to designing this vehicle. The eDELIVER mod-els include manual air conditioning for your comfort and the comfort of your passengers. The variable control of the air conditioning system ensures that the temperature can be adjusted to the desired level easily and quickly. So you can always rely on a pleasant work environment, whatever the weather.

Unique design, aluminum monocoque frame, composite plastic front panels for maximum payload and durability.


Loading Compartment

The width of the compartment is 1665mm. The cargo area offers optimal ease of loading with the short wheelbase for the van of 4.8 cubic metres in cargo capacity.


Plenty Of Room

The eDeliver 3 has a payload up to 865kg in the SWB 35KWH and 905kg in the SWB 52.5KWH. There’s also the added benefit of 6 Cargo Area Floor Strapping Rings and non-slip flooring.