Kitchen Electric Milk Coffee Mixer Egg Beater Whisk

$39.00 FJD $45.00 FJD

This product has function of egg beating, milk foam making and coffee cream maker. It can satisfy your different needs. It can also add more enjoyment when you are cooking. Bring more convenience to you in your daily life!


* 2 stainless steel whisk heads, which can be widely used for coffee, latte, hot chocolate or eggs
* 3 stirring speed indicator-low, medium, high mixing rate, you can choose the rate you need
* Built-in rechargeable battery, a charge lasts for a long time use, saving time
* Portable and noise free, suitable for carrying and using in office
* Soft-touch handle, ease of hand fatigue
* With a simple button, easy to use
* Easy to clean by water
* FDA certification


* Condition: Brand New
* Material: ABS+ Stainless Steel
* Color: Black
* Length: Approx. 29cm
* Net Weight: Approx. 0.124kg
* Package Size: Approx. 23.3 x 11 x 4.1cm(L x W x H)
* Gross Weight: Approx. 0.205kg


1 x Main Machine
1 x Spherical Whisk Head
1 x Ring Whisk Head
1 x USB Cable