HiKOKI Battery & Rapid Charger Kit 1080 Watt

$1,335.00 FJD $1,535.00 FJD

Powering the next generation of 36V cordless tools as well as your existing 18V gear, this is where the HiKOKI Revolution begins.1080 Watts of power from a battery pack that is exactly the same size as conventional Hitachi 18V batteries.

The BSL36A18 represents the absolute State of the Art power source for the future of heavy duty trade power tools. Fully compatible with ALL HiKOKI 36V, 18V, and Hitachi 18V slide models.
  • Huge 1080W Power Output Battery.
  • Intelligent circuitry changes voltage between 36V and 18V automatically.
  • Significantly reduces heat and stress on tool components.
  • Smart-tech Cooling Chassis, keeps cells cool under load.
  • 32min Rapid Charging using Rapid Smart Charger (UC18YSL3).
Brand Name: HiKOKI
Model Number: UC18YSL3(HEZ)