Workshop Portable Magnetic Drill

$2,499.00 FJD

Workshop Portable Magnetic Drill is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


The Hafco Magnetic base drills are designed to meet productivity & safety expectations

On-site hole cutting in steel plates, H-Beams shaped bars, framework, ship building, bridge construction and repair, steel reinforcements, and many other metal working and construction jobs.

NOTE: Shown with optional broach cutter
  • Compact design with heavy duty magnet
  • Drills up to 35mm diameter through 50mm plate
  • Sturdy feed handles
  • Includes 13mm drill chuck & adaptor to use twist drills
  • CE approved
  • Coolant tank kit
  • Safety chain
  • 13mm drill chuck and adaptor
  • Blow mould plastic case