Camping - Hand Crank Solar Powered AM/FM Radio with LED Flashlight

$74.00 FJD $85.00 FJD

This is a multifunctional device, no need to worry about no electric power in anywhere, just hand cranking to produce endless power to the radio and LED flashing, then you can use it to charge your phone or other mobile devices as well as the flashlight can work many hours after full charged. You also could charge through the sun if you think it’s tired to shake it.

* Can charge different mobile phone with USB / Mini USB port
* A good partner for camping, backpacking, hiking, adventure and other outdoor activities
* Compact, light, and easy to carry yet loaded with many important functions
* Micro USB charging, Solar charging, Manual hand crank to wind up the internal battery


* Condition: Brand new
* Color: Red
* Package Size: approx.22x15x12mm


1 x Hand Crank Self Powered AM/FM Solar Radio with LED Flashlight