Pumps Flow Switch for Taifu Hot Water Booster Pump

$69.00 FJD $79.00 FJD

Pumps Flow Switch for Taifu Hot Water Booster Pump is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Product Summary:

A flow switch like this is designed to control the flow of water through your booster pump. It makes automatic adjustments to the operating speed and the volume of water transferred of your electric pump.
It is able to send signals to the pump that in turn raise or lower the internal water pressure of the system, helping your pump run correctly and effectively.
This accessory also makes for safe pump operation, as it will prevent the pump running dry and subsequently being quickly damaged in the event of water supply failure.
This means you are effectively increasing the longevity of your pump. This particular flow switch is suited for use with our Taifu hot water booster pumps.

Product Features:

  • Suits Taifu Hot water booster pumps.