Fishing Spinning Fishing Reel HZ4000

$74.00 FJD $85.00 FJD

1pc Matal Spinning Fishing Reel

Fishing Wheel/Fishing Tackle

Bevel Metal CNC Alloy Wired Cup

Smooth exit - Throw Further

Strong unloading & Stable throwing

Black Armour War-Wheel

Folding Rocker Arm Design (Left & Right Exchange)

Solid Body Design - Easily Resist the Pull of Big Fish

Braking Force: 10Kg

Speed ratio: 5.2.1

Weight: 253g

PE Line Capacity mm/m: 0.25/225  0.30/155  0.35/115

Fishing Reel Type: Rotating
Reel Material: Aluminum
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

Model: HZ4000