Tools Empire 7" And 12" Polycast Rafter Square Combo

$74.00 FJD $85.00 FJD

  • Hi-vis blue colour makes it easy to locate the rafter squares
  • Empire’s patented Polycast material makes each rafter square lightweight and ultra-durable
  • Pivot point helps with marking precise 0-90° angles
  • All markings are cast into the material on both sides, so they’re easy to read and will never wear off
The 7” and 12” rafter squares in this set are made from Empire’s patented Polycast material, which makes them ultra-durable yet conveniently lightweight.

All markings are cast into both sides of the material, so they’re easy to read and will never fade.

These rafter squares are great for checking if things are square, marking perfect 45° and 90° lines, and using as a circular saw guide. Both units feature imperials markings, a pivot point for precisely marking angles from 0° to 90°, and an embossed conversion table for quick and easy rafter calculations.

Their hi-vis colour helps you locate them instantly on your jobsite or in your tool kit.

Pick up an Empire 7” and 12” Polycast Rafter Square Combo today.