Printer Edible Print On - 6 Inch Circle - 24 Sheets

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Gluten Statement Gluten Free
Allergen Statement Food Allergen Free
Storage Store sealed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Other Storage info NA
Suitable Applications Decorating cakes, printing on with Edible Inks
Food Colours Titanium Dioxide (E171),
Country of Origin Made in Israel
Food Safety Description Edible Print On - 6 Inch Circle - 24 Sheets
Classification Artificial
General Packaging Must be sealed from moisture and kept away from sunlight
Special Handling Instructions If any moisture build-up on the image then leave and allow to evaporate - do not wipe. Avoid lengthy placement on high-fat content frostings.
Contents Carrier NA
Freeze Thaw Stable Yes
General Technical E435 Under1g/Kg, E535 Under 5g/Kg, E202 Under 1.5g/Kg
GMO Status GMO Free
Halal Status Certified
Kosher Status Certified
Shelf Life 24 Months
Suggested Dosage 1g