Welding Helmet SOLAR Auto Darkening Solar & Battery

$127.00 FJD $146.00 FJD

This Welding Helmet uses the latest LCD technology to automatically tint the viewing window as soon as you start welding. The Auto-Darkening system to protect eyes and face from harmful sparks, spatter and radiation during normal welding conditions.

Welding Helmet is ideal for ARC, SMAW, MIG(Heavy), MIG (Light), GTAW, SAW, PAC, PAW Plasma welding processes and many others, but cannot be used for Autogen or Laser welding.


* Power turns on and off automatically
* Adjustable ratcheting headband with quality foam headstrap for superior comfort
* Full conformity with CE and ANSI Z87 Standards
* Polymide Nylon Construction with textured helmet surface
* Lightweight / Durable Construction to Reduce Fatigue when Wearing for Long Periods of Time


* Welding Helmet Condition: Brand new
* Light state: DIN4
* Dark state: DIN9-13 ( Stepless Adjustment inside )
* Switching time: < 0.5ms at room temperature
* Delay time Setting: slow/ fast:0.1s~1.5s
* Sensitivity Setting: Stepless adjustment Low to High
* Rechargeable battery unit: Li-Mi (Min. Lifetime: 5,000 Welding Hours)
* Viewing area: 92.5 x 42.5 mm (3-5/9" x 1-3/5")
* Cartridge Size: 110 x 90 x 5mm (4-1/3" x 3-5/9" x 1/5")
* UV penetration:<0.0003 at 313mm-365nm
* IR penetration:<0.027 at 780mm-1300nm <0.085 at 1300mm-2000mm