Garden Water Fountain SOLAR Powered Pump Kit 5W

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Water Fountain Solar Powered Pump Kit 5W

This Solar Water Fountain has the lowest rate of the power of solar battery to pump power ,and it is not only very easy to operate the brushless motor under little sunshine like the brush motor, but also, it has the much long life time than other brush motor solar fountain.

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* Condition: Brand new
* Color: Black
* Power of Solar Panel: 12V, 5W
* Power of Pump: DC12V, 5W
* Max. Water Height: 180-200cm (Max water-jet height: 80-100cm)
* Maximum Flow: 400-450L/h
* Lifetime: approx.15000 Hours
* Wire length: 3M
* Panel Size (L x W): Approx. 30 x 20 cm

1. Put the pump totally in the water with its nozzle over the water;Be sure the pump is fixed firmly on the bottom of the fountain to avoid vibration
2. Plug the Jack of pump in the Jack of Solar panel output
3. Put the Solar panel under enough sunlight and be better to face directly to sun


1. The pump is driven directly by sunlight, and it comes with NO power storage function. So it will work continuously only when the sunlight is enough. As the power of the solar panel is depended on the sunlight, the pump is also affected by weather, seasons, places, etc.
2. Don't make the pump work without water for a long time, or its lifespan will be shortened.
3. Don't put the solar panel and the control box in water, or it will be damaged.
4. Clean the pump regularly. If it's duty, it will stop working.
5. The edge of the solar panel is so sharp that you must be careful when using it. And keep it far away from children


We are not responsible for the following mistakes:
1. Under sunlight without water
2. Drive the pump the error power supplier
3. Using corrosive water or dirty water

1 x Solar Water Fountain

Effect Pictures are only for reference, please check the power of pump before purchase.