Trailers Wheel Bracket with Lock

$135.00 FJD

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Trailer Wheel Bracket with Lock

This Trailer Wheel Bracket is ideal for mounting your spare tire vertically to the side of trailer tongue or frame rails, and the package includes mounting hardware, you don't have to buy bolts and nuts separately.


* Designed to fit trailer tongues, including boat trailers’, to 2.95" wide and 3.94" high.

* The trailer spare tire mount is further upgraded to hold 4-lug and 5-lug wheels with 3.94", 4", 4.25" and 4.72" bolt patterns.

* The distance from the side of your tireto to the mounting plate should be less than 13cm (5.11").


* The powder coating spraying spare tire mount and mounting hardware offer excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

* Made of forged iron with solid-state wielding, this spare tire mount is designed to handle tires of up to 120 lbs.

* The bolt-on installation and removal is easy. No drilling is required for installation.

* This lock is easy to use, and keep things secure. It also comes with 2 sparekeys to ensure the absent minded are cover.


* Material: Steel (galvanised)

* Color: Silver

* Maximum Load Capacity: 54kg

* Trailer Tongue: Up to 2.95" wide and 3.94" high

* Fitment: 4-lug and 5-lug wheels

* Bolt Pattern: Compatible with 3.94" , 4" , 4.25" and 4.72" bolt patterns

* Net Weight: 2.1kg

* Package Size: 24.5x14x15.5cm


1 x Spare Wheel Bracket
1 x Mounting Screw Set
2 x keys