Security Safety Wheel Clamp

$83.00 FJD $95.00 FJD


This heavy-duty wheel lock clamp is a perfect anti-theft device that will completely immobilize a wheel from rotating or turning.

Featuring an adjustable clamp design, with widths from 185 mm to 290 mm, the lock will adapt to fit a large variety of vehicle wheels, from personal cars and SUVs to buses, trucks and caravans.

Get the right tool for your anti-theft and parking enforcement needs with this Car Vehicle Wheel lock/clamp.


* Heavy Duty
* Adjustable clamp design for a wide variety of wheels
* Key-operated lock; comes with three keys
* Made out of weather resistant steel
* Soft coated clamp will not scratch or damage wheels or rims
* Portable and easy to store
* Highly visible due to bright colors (red & yellow)
* Very simple and convenient set up
* Resists cutting, sawing, and drilling


* Condition: Brand new
* Material: Cold rolled steels
* Color: Red and Yellow
* Size: Approx. 48.5x18.5x7.5cm (WxDxH)


1 x Wheel Clamp Lock with 3 keys