Ryobi Stud Finder With AC Detection

$149.00 FJD

Ryobi Stud Finder With AC Detection is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Ryobi Stud Finder With AC Detection


  • Intuitive design for one-handed operation
  • 7 LED’s highlight the location and direction to the centre of the stud
  • Detects metal, timber and live electrical wires
  • Auto-calibrated and auto-depth scan technology enables scans up to 38mm deep
  • Built-in stud marker for marking out the centre of studs
Use the RYOBI Stud Finder with AC Detection before installing fixtures on a plaster or gyprock wall. This unit can quickly detect timber studs, electrical wires and metal behind the wall. It uses auto-calibrated and auto-depth technology to scan plaster board up to 38mm deep.

The Stud Finder’s LED flashes red to of live electrical wire installed behind the plaster wall. It’s a great safety feature to use when you’re hanging artwork, photos, putting up floating shelves, installing wall anchors for bookshelves and hanging TV brackets.

The Stud Finder’s seven LEDs show the exact location and width of studs behind the wall. With a built-in stud marker, this unit can make a small puncture in the wall to mark out the centre of a stud. The intuitive design of this unit makes it easy to operate one-handed.