Air Tool Remington Multi-Function Cordless Compressor/Inflator 20 Volt

$505.00 FJD $581.00 FJD

Remington Multi-Function Cordless Compressor/Inflator 20 Volt

This battery powered digital compressor/ inflator is the perfect portable device for all your on-the-go inflating needs. Air Compressor - High pressure pump for car tyres, bicycle tyres and balls. Inflator - Low pressure air pump for inflating, and deflating, air mattresses, rubber dinghies and more.
  • Digital display with preset pressure preselection for accurate tyre inflation.
  • Automatic stop function with easy manual operation.
  • Comfortable handle for easy transport.
  • LED work light for day and night use.
  • Max Pressure 150psi.
  • Max flow speed 11L/min.