Salon Professional Ear Piercing Tool Set 98pcs

$59.00 FJD

Professional Ear Piercing Gun Tool Set 98pcs Ear Studs Steel Ear Nose Navel Body Piercing Gun Unit Tool Kit Safety Pierce Tool.
Safe and Easy: Our professional ear piercing gun tool set is designed for safe and easy use, ensuring a painless piercing experience.
Complete Set: With 98pcs ear studs included, this steel ear nose navel body piercing gun unit tool kit has everything you need to get started.
Durable Material: Made of high-quality steel, our ear piercing gun tool set is durable and long-lasting.
Versatile: This tool kit is suitable for piercing ears, nose, navel, and other body parts, making it a versatile addition to your piercing collection.
Features: Made of quality material, anti-rust and durable, safety and non-toxic to use. Mechanically designed for easy using, enables you to do the ear piercing by yourself. Easy can convenient to use, quickly do the piercing by locating the pin point where you want accurately. Comes with 98 ear studs and a pack of earnuts. Individually packed and sterilized to avoid inflammation.
Operation Instructions: Firstly, install the spear head with suitable ear studs. Find the hole position on your ear, rub it with disinfectant alcohol, and mark your ear with a marker. Install the tool with ear studs, take alcohol to disinfect them, and then pull the spring head until it can't move. Aim the gun head of the good ear stud at the marked position, pull the spanner to clamp the ear, and then pull the spanner to punch the ear hole successfully.
Package List: 1PC Mark Pen 1PC Round Mirror 98PCS Ear Stud 1PC Ear Piercing Tool 1Pack of Earnuts