Tools Plastic Welding Machine Kit + 200 Nails

$139.00 FJD

Tools Plastic Welding Machine Kit + 200 Nails is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Plastic Welding Machine Kit For Car Bumper Repair - Hot Stapler Soldering Iron For Quick And Easy Repairs.
Power Mode: Power Supply
Operating Voltage: 220V (included)-240V (included)
Plug Specification: Australian Gauge Plug
Compatible Fuel: Welding stud
System Type: plastic welding
Battery Properties: Without Battery
【Handheld Plastic Welder】The maximum power of this plastic welding repair gun is 50W, which can help you finish the repair of plastic parts quickly. Using heat to embed the nail into the plastic, not only will not hurt the plastic surface, and the connection is very strong, effectively extending the service life.
【Quick Heating & Easy to Use】Plastic welding kit just need to choose the right nail according to the crack, insert the brass bracket, turn on the power, press the power button, just wait 2-3 seconds, see the front end of the nail has been heated to red, you can let the nail slowly melt to the plastic parts and reinforce the crack. Prevent the nail from going through the plastic sheet!
【Multipurpose Use】This hot stapler plastic repair kit is specially designed to repair broken plastic parts, such as car bumpers, motorcycles, light holders, dashboards, riding toys, recycling boxes and other plastic products. It can be perfect for you to save the money and time of re-purchasing. And of course perfect for people who do DIY a lot!
【Humanized Design】Our plastic welding gun has a non-slip rubber grip, which is easier to operate and won't get tired of holding it for a long time. An LED work light is built into the front of the plastic repair gun to give you a bright view even in dark environments. It is easy to operate and easy to use, making you a professional who can easily and effectively repair all kinds of plastic materials.