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With the adjustable dumbbell you can easily change the weight that you want to lift and exercise with
The innovative locking mechanism secures only the weights that you want, a few seconds is all it takes to change the weight of this dumbbell.

With just the turn of a dial,The Dumbbell can be adjusted from 4.5kg to 40kg. You do not have to keep the whole set at home!

The advantage of the adjustable dumbbell is that is no need of buying a lot of dumbbells in different weights , you can buy only the adjustable dumbbell and replaces up to 17 sets of weights .

This means that you waste less time switching weights and spend more time building muscle to achieve your goals.

Covered with a unique injection-moldered plastic, the plates won't clank and clatter when they are set down. Included weight plate holder to keep it clean and keep the weights in place.

The cover also keeps weights from scratching floors or other surfaces they might touch.
Let’s go have a adjustable dumbbell today!

* The Adjustable dumbbells is very easy replacing weight
* Details Easy to use -Simply rotate the dial and lift
* Robust design and build quality
* Adjustable to 17 different weights
* Weight range: 10-90lb (4.5-40kg)

Package Contents:
*2x 40kg Adjustable Dumbbell set
*2 x Dumbbell holders
*1x User Manual