Pets Pack of 10 Dog Toy Set Pet Dog Rope Gift Chew Cotton Plush

$40.00 FJD $46.00 FJD

Chew Toy Set, excellent gift for your dogs. Catching and chewing is the nature of the dog. These toys will inspire the spirit of the dog, let them enjoy playing. These toys not only clean the teeth, keep teeth healthy, but also get closer to other dogs and yourself.

It’s a sturdy, durable and valuable pack which is able to attract your pets ,accompany them and offer them a happy growth!


* 10 pack of puppy toys, Including cute dog toys strong chew rope, flying discs,toy ropes,chew toys and more

* Toys for Chewing and Playing - perfect toy for tug, toss and chew games and dental health

* Made with 100% cotton material , it’s environmental, tensile strength,phozy

* Cleans teeth and massages gums and can help to redirect bad biting behavior

* Beautiful and vibrant colors - safe pet supplies for small puppies to medium Dogs


* Condition: 100% Brand New
* Material: Cotton fibers
* Size : Range 6cm to 38cm
* Gross Weight: 0.73kg
* Package size: 39*30*7cm


1. Please do not play in a dangerous environment with your dog.
2. Prevent dogs from devouring these toys.

1 x Frisbee
1 x Carrots
1 x Candy knot
1 x Corn Cob
1 x 8 Shape rope
1 x Cotton ball
1 x Tricolor ring
1 x Meteor ball
1 x Y Shape plastic bone rope