Garden Owl Bird Scarer with Moveable Head

$63.00 FJD $72.00 FJD

Garden Owl Bird Scarer with Moveable Head is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This bird scarer can be placed in the garden, the field and other prominent places to protect lawns and flowerbeds. It is an efficient deterrent against pigeons and seagulls and can effectively protect your garden and plants.


* Great for decorate your garden, home, patio, balcony, etc

* Protect your garden and scares away unwanted pests, birds, rodents and more

* The head is detachable and it can be filled with sand or gravel to be more stable

* Owl head can rotate in the wind


* Condition: Brand New

* Color: As pictures show

* Material: Plastic

* Product Size: Approx. 17 x 16 x 38cm

* Net Weight: Approx. 360g