Watches NORTH EDGE GAVIA 2 Men's Digital Watch 200m/656ft Waterproof

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Luxury 500 NORTH EDGE GAVIA 2 Men's Digital Watch - 200m/656ft Waterproof, Military-Grade Steel, Altimeter & Compass.
MaterialStainless Steel

Men's Full Metal Digital Dive Watch
Function 1, Dive Mode (Dive Depth, Max Dive Depth 50m, Water Temperature) 2, Waterproof 200m 3, Altimeter 4, Barometer (48 Hours Air Pressure Trend Chart) 5, Compass 6, Thermometer (Temperature) 7, Pedometer, Step Counter, Calorie, Distance Record 8, Time Functions: Hour, Minute, Second, Year(2000-2099), Month, Date, Weekday, 12H/24H Format
9, Countdown Timer (99:59:59~0) 10, Stopwatch (0~99:59:59), 50 Sets Of Data 12, Worldtime Functions (daylight Saving Time Switch Automatically) 13, Digital Compass 14, Battery Life Remind 15, EL Backlight

Durable and stylish: Made with full steel, this watch is perfect for any outdoor activity.
Water-resistant: With a waterproof rating of 200m/656ft, this watch is perfect for diving and swimming.
Altimeter and compass: This watch comes equipped with an altimeter and compass, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.
Digital display: The digital display makes it easy to read the time and other important information.
Military-inspired design: The design of this watch is inspired by military watches, giving it a rugged and tough look.

Function Altimeter/Barometer/Compass/Diving/Waterproof 200M/Dual Time/Count Down/Calories/Time Alarm/ Temperature/ Back-lit/ Low Power Reminder/ Pedometer/ Low Temperature Resistant

Altimeter ---1500M Altitude ---26ºC Temperature ---207M/Min Rate Of Climb

Barometer --48 Hours Air Pressure Chart --1016.7 Sea Level Air Pressure --1018 Current Air Pressure --10:38 Time

Compass SW 220 Compass Mode --- Start Calibration Compass--- Set Magnetic Declination---

Dive Waterproof 200M(656.17ft) Max Diving Depth 50M(164.04ft) ---Dive Depth: 18M(59.06ft) ---Current Temperature:20.4 ºC(68.72℉)
DUAL TIME MODE Mode: Menu. Pedometer. Stopwatch. Countdown.

Barometer/Diving CHART -- 48 Hours Chart --Sea Level Pressure Barometer --Time --Air Pressure --Temperature

Dive Start Diving Dive Mode --- Curren Diving Time ---Depth ---Temperature

ALTIMETER/COMPASS 1. Altimeter ---Relative Height ---Temperature ---Rate Of Climb

COMPASS ---Watch Hand Direct The North ---Compass Calibration ---Magnetic Declindtion

FAQ Q1. Why The Temperature Is Incorrect? A1. When The Watch Worn On The Arm, Affecting By The Human Body Haetm The Temperature Value display On The Screen Will Be Higher Than Room Temperature. So If You Want To Get The Room Temperature, Please Put The Watch On A Table, And Avoid Direct Sunlight On It, The Actual Room Temperature Will Show On The Watch After 20 Minutes. Q2. How Long Can The Watch's Battery Last?
A2. Normal A New Battery Can Use About 6-8 Months, If You Always Stay In The Function Interface When Using The Watch Function, Such As The Compass, backlight Function, The Power Consumption Of The Watch Will Be A Little Faster. It Is Recommended That You Return To The Time Interface After Using The Function. Q3: Why Is My Watch Time Wrong
A3. Before Using The Watch, You Need To Calibrate The Hands. In The Manual 5.0, There Is A Method Of How To Calibrate The Hands, Or You Can Contact Us, We Have A Video Q4: Why The Compass Hands Not Move It After Press Compass Button? Q4: When You Press Compass Button, The Watch Hands Will Not Move It, You Need To Rotate The Watch Horizontally And Then The Compass Will Start To Work.
Q5. Why Is There Fog Inside The Watch? A5. The Watch Cannot Be Used In Hot Baths Or Hot Springs. Hot Water Will Cause Slight Deformation Of The Watch And Affect The Waterproof Performance Of The Watch. If There Is Water Vapor, You Need To Open The Back Cover And Dry The Internal Water Vapor. Q6: Can The Watch Be Used In The Sea? A6: This Watch Can Be Used In The Sea, The Watch Is Waterproof To 200 Meters, Has A Diving Function, And The Max Diving Depth Is 50M(164.04ft).