Hunting Military Hiking Camping Survival Lensatic Compass

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Hunting Military Hiking Camping Survival Lensatic Compass is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This excellent professional style military compass has an all-metal design with an accurate oil liquid-filled compass dial encapsulation, is an absolutely ideal and essential piece of equipment for serious orienteering, hiking, sailing, astronomy, etc and equally suitable for hobby, beginner or professional use.

NOTE: Please put it horizontally and keep it far away from metal and magnetic objects when using it.


* Your direction protector

* Rugged metal case

* 360°adjustable marching line

* Thumb hold and magnifying viewer

* Sighting hairline

* Design for locating positions on a map or in the field

* Get a Magnetic Azimuth of any Object by Using Compass

* Find your way easily through rough terrain or dense fog with line on glass bezel

* Suitable for most outdoor activities like camping, Hiking, Scouting, Map Reading, Climbing and accurate aiming on land and water


Material: Alloy

Colour: Military Green

Size: 77 x 57 x 26mm (Fold)

Weight: 80g