Automotive - Mobile 1000kg Girder Rail Gantry Package Deal

$3,185.00 FJD

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MGT-1TGC - Mobile Girder Rail Gantry Package Deal

If you need to remove or install engines and gearboxes from vehicles on regular basis for your mechanical workshop or garage, Hare & Forbes Supply Solutions defiantly has the perfect solution for you to make this job significantly easier, quicker and importantly with more accuracy and control.

The MGT-1TGC Mobile Girder Rail Gantry System with a 1-tonne x 3 metre chain block and comparable 1T rated girder clamp definitely an essential tool to have for engine removals or installations and even moving heavy items around the garage or lifting them onto your bench.
Simply connect your engine and gearbox combination to the chain block and lift to the desired height, then it is as easy as unlocking the brakes & wheeling the gantry out for removal or wheeling in position ready to lower for installation.

Unlike the conventional engine crane lifters, which generally cannot lift an engine completely from a standard 4WD, this Girder Rail Gantry System has an adjustable height of up to 3.6 metres, giving you the height and flexibility to fully remove or install an engine without the usual struggle associated with other lifters.

This great product has a clearance width of 2.3 metres between the frames, so it is wide enough for cars, even the largest 4WDs and off-road vehicles. Plus, with the added versatility of 4 swivel caster wheels with brakes too easy manoeuvre and secure in place.
  • "NO BULL CAPACITY" - Australian Tested & Rated To True Working Capacity
  • 1 tonne load capacity
  • 2540 - 3600mm adjustable gantry height with quick release safety locking pins - both ends
  • 2300mm inside frame clearance
  • 2600mm outside frame width
  • 4 x swivel caster wheels with brake
  • MGT-1T - Mobile Girder Rail
  • HS-S 1T3M - 1 Tonne x 3 metre chain
  • HGC-1T - 1 Tonne girder clamp.
(Tonne)Load Capacity 1
(mm)Adjustable Beam Height (min. / max.) 2540 - 3600
(mm)Inside Frame Clearance 2300
(mm)Outside Frame Width 2600
(mm)I-Beam Width 76
(kg)Nett Weight 153
C188 - Mobile Girder Rail,
C143 - Chain Block &
C146 - Girder Clamp