Bedroom Memory Foam Pillow 1pc

$39.00 FJD

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Memory Foam Pillow

It is soft, velour cover is removable and can be laundered. Unlike other cut memory foam pillows, this is molded and has a soft, doughy feel.
The memory foam is naturally antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. It sleeps cool and adapts to your body's temperature.

* Molded construction effectively conforms to weight and pressure - unlike cut memory foam.
* Soft velour cover is removable for laundering.
* Helps relieve neck, back, and shoulder pain by reducing pressure points.
* Anti-microbial and resistant to allergens and dust mites
* Ergonomic contour design correctly aligns your spine by supporting the natural curves of your head, neck and shoulders.

* Condition: Brand new
* Material: Memory Foam
* Size: Approx. 50 * 30cm(L*W)
* Height:10cm(the highest height),7cm(the lowest height)
* Colour: White(pillowcase), White(foam)

1 * Memory Foam Bed Pillow