Bike Accessories L Style Bicycle Parking Stand Repair Rack

$58.00 FJD $67.00 FJD

This Bicycle parking stand can hold on bike Front or rear wheel mounting - Fit both Mountain Bike and Road Bike.
Product name: Bike Parking Stand, Bike Stand Rack, Bicycle Stand, Bicycle Rack, Bike Rack, Black Bike Stand


* Detachable, free assembly bike stand

* Powder coated steel, very strong

* Shop quality bicycle bike display and storage stand

* The only touching points are on back tyre

* Quick store bike in tidy

* Rubber protected base, suitable for indoor wood floors


* Condition: Brand new

* Bike Stand Material: Steel

* Size: Approx. 42x40x75cm (WxDxH)

* Bike Stand Weight: 2.5kg

* Tyre hold gap: 6cm