Fan InstaChill Evaporative Cooler V2 85W, 10L

$1,150.00 FJD

The InstaChill evaporative cooler works by pulling hot and dry air from your home into a moisture pad.

The pad absorbs all the heat from the air, and the moisture in the pad evaporates to cool and humidify the air.

A humidity control function automatically stops the unit when humidity exceeds 85%. The lightweight unit is completely portable so you can use it wherever you need it.

  • Most effective in dry heat.
  • Use in a well-vented space.
  • 3 Fan Speed Settings.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Remote Control.
  • Swing Vent.
  • Anion Air function.
  • Mosquito Repellent.
  • Humidity Control 10L Water Capacity with Low-Water Control.