Sports Hiking Trekking AntiShock Walking Stick Pole

$21.00 FJD $24.00 FJD

This hiking pole provides better balance, traction and stability as you trek over rugged terrain.

The anti-shock mechanism cushions the impact of each pole plant for comfort and security--especially while descending trails. It reduces up to 25% of body weight from knees(joints), feet and lower back, allows for a longer more enjoyable hiking experience. Breathing efficiency and posture are greatly improved by involving the upper body.

It is equipped with a removable trekking(mud/snow) basket, hard steel tip with removable rubber ferrule.

- Brand New
- Colour: Blue available (You could check other listing for black)
- Made of lightweight but strong aluminium
- 4-section telescopic pole
- Easy Twist to lock and unlock system
- Adjustable length approx. from 51cm (retracted) to 110cm (extended)

- Anti-Shock on/off mechanism
- Ergonomic crutch and grip style handle
- Come with wrist strap
- Removable trekking(mud/snow) basket for soft ground
- Steel tip
- Can be easily carried in a backpack
- Excellent for climbing, hiking or trekking
- Net Weight: approx.350g