Home Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

$63.00 FJD $72.00 FJD

Never be without toilet paper again! This free-standing toilet paper holder and dispenser is easy to move anywhere in the bathroom.

Perfect for bathrooms with no wall mount fixtures, fits conveniently next to toilet or tucks into unused corners to add additional storage space and keep your space organized.

Great for guest bathrooms half baths, powder rooms, and smaller spaces where storage is limited.


* This toilet dispenses one roll of toilet paper and stores 2 extra rolls
* Open-ended holder makes grabbing a roll quick and easy
* Top shelf provides additional storage space, for holding smartphones or other gadgets
* Raised feet ensure that toilet paper stays off bathroom floors so rolls are always clean and dry
* Made from strong steel wire with baking varnish 

* Color: Black
* Material: Wire
* Height: approx. 61cm
* Top shelf size: approx. 18.4 x 12.7cm (L x W)
* Base size: approx. 16.5cm (Diameter)

1 x Free-standing Toilet Paper Holder

NOTE: If there is dust on the holder, please wipe it off with a dry soft cloth. Avoid cleaning with cleaning toiletries in order to extend the product life.